Coffee Packaging: winning solutions

Coffee cups into hexagonal carton

Cama is one of a few secondary packaging system manufacturers that could design a line, about coffee packaging machine, with such a high-tech/reliability ratio, considering the innovation of the system and the products soft manipulation requirements. 400 coffee cups, arriving in four lines, are packed in an original hexagonal carton with the configuration of 15. The cups, individually handled, are accumulated and put into a multiple-pocket conveyor ready to be picked up by the Cama triple-axis robot.
The addition of rotating third axis allows the insertion of groups of cups into the electronic cartoning machine infeed pockets with alternative motion. Then the product is carefully end loaded into hexagonal cartons.
Packaging line for coffee cups


Please, have a coffee!
Today Cama can boast of its installations of various lines to package coffee in bags, cups, capsules, or in this case “stick-packs”. A well crafted knowledge has allowed Cama to offer the latest and most reliable technicalsolutions. One example is the line of coffee packaging machine designed for a leading coffee Company, composed of two special hopper loaders to automatically load stick-packs from the processing machines into the infeed of aCama electronic cartoning machine. After which the products are packed in different configurations into end load cartons with a “stick-pack” arrival speed of 960 ppm.
Packaging line for stick-pack of coffee

“Short and strong” Wrap-around case packer
If you do not need to run at high production speeds, and your application just requires a maximum of 10 cases/minute, then the CAMA FW747 case packer is your ideal choice for coffee packaging bags. This model offers the same features of robustness and flexibility of the FW748 range, designed in a more cost competitive frame with a compact footprint and with a fair ratio between price and performance. The FW747 model is a further evidence of how CAMA is extremely receptive of the market needs, proposing standardised solutions in its basic features, however flexible enough to meet the various specific customers’ requirements. Many of the FW747 case packers presently in production are in the “coffee” sector for packaging of pods, cartons and bags; the machines can therefore be defined as “short and strong” from all points of view.
Packaging line for coffee packaging bags


Capsula Docet!
The use of coffee cups by consumers has shown a rapid growth and this has been the major reason of success for many companies in this sector. Cama, thanks to its wide experience in coffee packaging, is able to provide innovative and highly reliable technical solutions. One of the latest successful applications has been a line to pack 500 cups/minute into corrugated board cartons, to be then collated and case packed into RSC cases. The line is composed of a monoblock system (forming unit, closing unit and top loading robot integrated into one frame) and has proven to be extremely flexible. The cups are loaded in a special configuration so as to obtain optimal carton dimensions into various formats from 8- to 48-count.
Monobloc loading unit for coffee cups


A successfull partneship!
In a Cama packaging line 1400 coffee cups/minute are packed into cartons and then case packed in a wrap-around case. The line is composed of a special infeed system for the manipulation and collation of products at high speed into a limited space, with gentle handling to ensure maximum integrity of the coffee cups. The line does also include a special vision system for product quality control. The success of this application during the years is mainly due to the continuous drive by Cama towards innovative packaging systems. The customer’s stringent requisites have met the Lecco company as an “ideal partner” with whom their continuous growth in the market is shared.
Packaging line for coffee cups

Listening to the market
Cama realised this packaging system for the case packing of cans of different dimensions, containing instant powder for coffee/cappuccino. The whole system and the infeed system in particular have been designed to work in a “dusty” environment, thus ensuring a high degree of efficiency and reliability. Another important advantage offered by Cama coffee packaging machine is the flexibility in packaging styles, with the possibility of packing the same product, at a speed of 100 cans/minute, both in a tray and in a wrap-around case.
Wrap-around case packer for cans


Flexibility Oriented
This application, of coffee packaging machine, has been developed to pack thermoformed cups containing coffee pods into special dispenser cartons. 160 cups/minute are horizontally end loaded into cartons, either in stacks of 4 or in a 20-count on edge configuration. The latter application has been specially designed and realised for the customer by the Cama “Packaging Department”, with simple and “natural” packaging automation of the product.
Electronic cartoning machine for coffee pods


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