Cama applications for Dairy sector

Probiotic Yogurt Packaging: line with probiotic spirit
Among its latest applications, CAMA Group have realised a complete line for packaging of probiotic yoghurt bottles at a speed of 68,000 bottles/hour for one of the major European dairy producers. The line, wholly manufactured and supplied by CAMA and under full CAMA responsibility, is designed for tray packing of single bottles or OTT sleeved bottles, and develops from the outfeed of the bottle filling machine up to the infeed of the customers’ palletiser. The line is interfaced with the upstream processing equipment and transfers the bottles on two lanes into two buffer tables, each able to guarantee 7 minutes’ buffering in case of stop of the downstream line. The bottles are then transported to a CAMA electronic carton sleeving machine, overwrapping the bottles on two lanes in an OTT cardboard sleeve in various configurations. The sleeved bottle packs are then shifted on two or more lanes by means of an electronic divider and fed to a CAMA robotic unit that loads the packs into trays previously erected by a CAMA electronic forming machine. The same loading unit can also pack single bottles into carton trays. The single bottles are fed on a line parallel to the buffer tables. The line has been designed and realised to handle three different bottle sizes for a maximum speed of 285 bottle packs/minute (2×2 configuration) and 95 trays/minute (3×4 configuration of single bottles).

high speed electronic sleeving machine

Yogurt Packaging Specialist
Medium-high speed electronic sleeving machine for cups, jars, thermoformed containers and cans on single, double or triple layers under complete folding sleeve. Single and/or double lane packaging configuration according to product packaging characteristics. Special product overlapping system ensures constant and homogeneous pushing of the different layers on the phasing stars. Product lateral transport belt or lateral gusset available according to the product characteristics and packaging configuration.

Continuous innovation in CAMA monobloc loading units
Monobloc unit for loading of thermoformed trays into 3-flap lid boxes. This is one of the latest CAMA applications in the “handy snack” sector, where CAMA know-how in packaging machinery and robotics has been successfully combined in a new high performance “form-fill-close” monobloc unit, the main feature of which is extreme flexibility and limited footprint. In this specific case, the application consists in erecting a 3-flap lid box by means of an integral electronic glue forming machine, robotic top loading of 160 trays/minute into boxes and final box closing by means of an integral closing machine.
The use of the new 2-axis robot, the latest development of CAMA “Robotic Division”, with its high speed features in product pick up and deposit, allowed a considerable footprint reduction in this application, as well as a simpler product infeed and product handling system.

loading unit with 2 axis robot

Even floor space has a cost!
Among the various important demands from customers, the floor space and consequently the equipment footprint often play a decisive role in the selection of the supplier. Taking this market requirement into consideration, in the last few years CAMA has engineered a series of very “compact” machines with a good ratio between quality and price. An example is one of the latest systems realised in the “dairy” sector, for carton sleeve packaging of drinking yogurt bottles.
The production speed is up to 200 packs/minute, guaranteed by a high speed electronic sleeving machine (MP91) and then by a “small size” loading unit equipped with 2-axis robot, which is extremely compact and with a reduced footprint. The line operation starts with carton sleeving of bottles (electronic sleeving machine); the sleeved packs are then loaded into preformed trays by means of suitable product phasing conveyors and of product pick up heads specifically designed for this application.
MP091 sleeving machine

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