Triaflex delta robots and dried fruits packaging: a successful story




Dried fruits packaging and triaflex delta robot: a successful story

The confectionery plant “Ozersky Souvenir” is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in Russia. For almost 70 years, this enterprise has been located in a non-polluted zone of the southeastern Moscow Region in the city of Ozery, managing to become the leader in the Russian market for nuts and dried fruits covered in chocolate. Ozersky Souvenir was the first company in Russia to wrap nuts and dried fruits, covering these products with glaze in colourful labels. Their product portfolio now includes more than 100 different confectionery products for a very wide range of consumers.

Modern market tendencies and growing level of competition provided a catalyst for Ozersky Souvenir to develop products on par with European quality, combined with the best traditions of Russian confectioners and a modern image. This combination has resulted in a recognition from consumers to the activity of the company and its production. All sweets are being produced on advanced equipment proivided by European manufactures. Exclusive technologies are developed and applied at Ozersky, that along with special attention given to usage of natural raw materials, allow the creation of products that have both the highest quality and unique taste.

These products are desired and appreciated not only in Russia, but also abroad. Ozersky Souvenir has been acknowledged with numerous awards and prizes in Russian and international exhibitions for high quality and unique taste. Quality of production, altogether with customer satisfaction, is the absolute priority for the company. The Russian company definitely succeeds in connecting modern knowledge and technologies with the best traditions of Russian confectioners. In the past several years, customer demand for its products has been well above the company’s sustained annual compound growth rate. Throughout its growth, Ozersky’s key priority has been not only to meet the market demand, but also to maintain a high quality standard of its products and processes.

Ozersky consequently turned to Cama Group, a leading supplier of advanced technology secondary packaging systems, to engineer its packaging lines to allow the company to meet the exceeding market demand. Cama’s outstanding robotic know-how provided the right choice for the project. “We were under a lot of pressure to deliver this project successfully in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for our product” says Aleksey A. Klecov, Ozersky Engineering Manager. “Cama was on our side and the line was delivered within budget, on time and with a successful vertical start-up”.

The Italian Company has been supplying robots for over thirty years, now offering its “new generation” robotic loading unit with the latest open architecture electronic controls. The main advantage is offering equipment with built-in, customized robots, not arms that simply pick and place, but solutions conceived for specific packaging operations.

To meet Ozersky’s needs, the Cama packaging line is composed of four in line Triaflex Delta Robots which by means of a “smart” vision system pick loose, naked candies, covered in chocolate, coming randomly from the production line and position them correctly on continuous motion conveyors in a pre-set pattern. Products are selected, according to their dimensions, then placed on two external conveyors. The maximum infeed rate is 360 chocolates per minute (or 200 per lane). Subsequently, the products are wrapped and packaged.

Primary advantages of the Cama triaflex delta robots:

Optimal, fast and gentle-handling solution that has been proven not to damage delicate products such as naked chocolates.

Easy handling of extremely irregular chocolates, guaranteeing minimal waste of products.

The Cama Smart vision system that optimizes the management of the product by automatically selecting products according to pre-established dimension and arrival speed.

Cama’s unique approach with this new multi-robot application provides a single controller for the entire system, based on a standard technology that can be managed by a trained engineer. Consequently, all functions are integrated in one control system, while the number of interfaces and component costs are reduced.

Over the past few years, Cama pursued the development of its own triaflex delta robot to enhance their existing range of integrated robotic solutions. This development led to the birth of the Cama Triaflex series, Delta robots with carbon fibre arms, ideal for fast and smart product handling. Cama’s Multi Delta vision guided loading units represent another technological step forward to cater to customer needs.


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